Daily Feline Prompt: Slash and Burn – Immortal Fluffy

Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post. Fluffy our blind cat

Mr. Human gets excited over the smallest things. This morning I awoke, and was ready to go, so I did,  but Mr. Human threw a fit. We do like to have a good loud and clear meow in the morning, to attract human attention. I decided to take a climb to the point in the surroundings, the wardrobe.

A few years ago it seems through unforeseen circumstances I lost my sight. I am still trying to find out what that means. I havn’t noticed a big difference really. Mrs. Human even lets me out in the garden, attached to a lead in case I get lost. Me get lost, forget it. Ok I have been for a long stroll now and again, when the humans are not looking, they call it a great escape. That is when Mr. and Mrs. Human get all sort of worked up and have visions of me disappearing.

So, to continue: this morning I decided to mount the cupboard. It was very easy. A hop on a chair, then up to a table and from there over the television in the corner with a spring to the first cupboard. Then there was only one cupboard left, which I managed with ease. I arrived, the feline King of the Cupboard. I meowed. Mr. Human came running, and I was soon back on the basic territory. He muttered something about it being dangerous for blind cats climbing up on high places.

Blind: please explain what is that?

Daily Feline Prompt: Slash and Burn – Immortal Fluffy

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